Rosevine City Heroes Introduction

First, you need to understand that the heroes were not wrong to leave the city in the hands of their young counterparts. The elder heroes had studied them to make sure they could handle the responsibility of being left alone. When it was time to go to the next city, they needed to be sure that this one was taken care of. The young heroes of Rosevine City were the most mysterious of the heroes under the “super council,” mainly because they were the newest. One was an android of some sort called CORE. The other, of whom less was known, was called the Ace of Spades.

Before Metaclash and Emerald left, they established a base for the city's heroes. It was in the center of town, but it was remarkably unremarkable. It looked like nothing more than any other private building. Metaclash and Emerald knew that CORE went to the base. The robot had set up his charging and uploading systems in one of its rooms. About Ace, on the other hand, they had no idea. It is possible that she had been there, but they didn’t know.

All of the heroes, in all the cities, were run by one main “super council.” The council would set up bases in each city and then regularly check to make sure that the bases were running smoothly. Metaclash and Emerald were two of the top members and were put in charge of checking on Rosevine City as well as a number of other cities.

On a particular day, only a week after Metaclash and Emerald had left, the students at Rosevine High School impatiently waited through their classes so that they could move on with their lives.

There had been many burglaries in the city’s most guarded buildings over the last several weeks. The complete randomness of the burglaries left the police without a clue. That was about to change.

As the students sat though their fifth period class, they began to feel a rumble in the ground and a loud sound coming from somewhere outside. An earthquake? Sirens from police and fire services seemed to fill the air and not long after, the teachers received calls from the office. Lessons stopped and the teachers carried worried looks on their faces.

The students had no idea what was happening. Some were happy to not be doing any work while others were almost exploding with curiosity. Those who were happy ceased to be as they found out the school was on lock down and they couldn’t go home even though it was time.

As time continued to pass, some of the students were escorted to the office. There were police waiting to speak to them and the students were told what had happened. They were told that there had been an explosion and that some, or all, of their families had been killed. And though they did not realize it yet, they would soon come to find that the burglaries were not so random after all.